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In the heart of Central Maui, Wailuku is full of charm and home to many mom & pop shops, cultural events and old plantation homes.

my favorite mural in downtown Wailuku.

It’s a town that has so much character. One of the last standing old towns to still hold

onto old Maui.

My favorite coffee shop, The Coffee Attic offers a vintage feel with live music playing almost everyday. I love drinking my coffee and listening to music right at the coffee shop along the main road into Wailuku town.

The beautiful murals are everywhere. Hand painted by local artists, they add to the charm of Wailuku, contributing beautiful art you can see wherever you drive.

62 Marcket is another favorite restaurant of mine with an awesome variety of healthy and yummy tasting food. I just love having lunch there any chance I can.

Take a drive to Wailuku and enjoy all the little treasures sprinkled throughout.

You got to see for yourself, how special this little town is.

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